An eagle made entirely out of balsa wood and glue. I helped make this with a group of classmates for Destination Imagination. My memory is hazy but I think we won an award for "going outside the lines" by using yellow colored glue to cover the beak and talons as well as using wood burning to add in feathers on the wings. Neither of these were specifically forbidden in the rules but some teams did try to say we should be disqualified! We donated it to the elementary school that we were all from and that was sponsoring us. To my knowledge it is still hanging there after about 10 years.


A beautiful drawing of an angel and her friends


This is a drawing of a theoretical digital blackboard type device. School project.

Bad Capacitors

This is a gallery of pictures showing bad capacitors on one of my motherboards. You will see that some of the capacitors (the black cylinders) are bulging up a little bit on the top.

Flip Ball

A weird little toy I got for my birthday in 2006. It flips inside out alternating between yellow and orange.

Power Supply

A scorched power supply along with blown caps. It also overheated as can be seen from the rather burnt parts.